Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy Busy

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I've been keeping myself busy making some little bits and pieces for this most wonderful shop.  Tangled Yarns is a new shop in Newstead that stocks the most amazing range of yarns and so much other goodness that goes with handmade.  To walk in here, you feel like you are walking into another world - one where handmade rules!  The shop is so bright and airy and there is so much wonderful colour and texture that it is very hard to walk back out the door and go home, definitely not a shop you can just pop in and out of.  So now I am so very lucky to have some purses and pencil cases from Little Mary Moo's Place stocked in Tangled Yarns.  Hooray!  

Off to the Stitches and Craft show today, can't believe that I've been able to make it as it is the last day of the show.  More Hooray!  There are so many BrisStyle girls that have been busy at the show and from the sounds of it they all have been a huge success but that comes as no surprise.  I just hope that they have some of their handmade goods left for me to buy.

The other thing that has been keeping me hugely busy is my eldest Little Moo who has had gymnastics competitions the last two weekends.  I have lived in a fog of glitter spray.  I apologise in advance for the brag (not usually my style) but on such a very exciting note - she qualified for State Championships!  She trains so hard and puts in so much effort it is nice to see it pay off and for there to be some icing on the cake.  These girls are so brave.  They get out there and do these amazing routines with judges watching every little thing and then they are given a score for it.  I was also very impressed with the fantastic sportsmanship buy all the girls that were in her team.  They all cheered each other on and were there with a shoulder to lean on when things weren't going so great.  I have no photos of my own as my hand shakes to much - there is always a little part of me that wants to yell out "young lady you get down from there before you hurt yourself!"  but luckily for everyone I don't.  But there are photos here and here of her in action.  


Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on having your lovely items stocked in Tangled Yarns. I'll be sure to pop in there when I'm next out that way. Hope you had fun at the Craft show. I think I may be the only BrisStyler who didn't make it along. Sigh. And a super huge congrats to your daughter for her gym achievements! That's excellent news and most certainly brag-worthy!

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