Friday, September 25, 2009

Life Under The Craft Table

Hard life for a dog you know! Poor Lilly relegated to having to lie under the sewing/craft table because no one will come outside and play. All the action seems to happen right about here so where else is a poor dog meant to lie for a little attention. (And no, the phone books aren't for Lilly to contact the RSPCA for craft induced neglect but for the girls when they sew to lift the foot pedal up)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Small Ones

Well they're finally ready - my new collection of small purses. Theses purses are just a little smaller then the others that I traditionally make. They close with a 10 cm zip instead of a 12 cm zip. I've also sourced some new hand screen printed fabrics. It is amazing how talented these textile designers are. I've had so much fun working on this new collection to add to my etsy shop.
Blue Doll Purse - fabric by Mikodesign

Little Red Flower Purse - fabric by Hollabee

Small Spring Purse - fabric by Melbomba

Olive Doll Purse - fabric by Mikodesign

Small Blue Bird Purse - fabric by Melbomba

The last two photos are of the the little coin purses I've been worked on too. I'm still tossing up wether I will pop these on etsy or leave them for the next markets I do. They looked so sweet all standing up together.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Places to Go

I was lucky enough to get a position in the Indie Fixx Galleria which opened yesterday.  There are some beautiful Indie shops in there and well worth a look.  There just might be a little code in my Gallery Shop to make shopping at Little Mary Moo's Place a little sweeter too.  

I've been having a wee bit of a sewfest and I'm nearly ready to bring on the newbies I've been working on.  

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Pop on over to the very popular Racecourse Road Street Party on Sunday.  There will be heaps of talented BrisStyle girls in action at Racecourse Road with their lovely wares.  I unfortunately have to go up to the Sunshine Coast for the weekend.  Poor me.  It will be a little hard to put up with the sun, beach, swimming and all that.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  

Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Bit of Love

I've been working on a "little" new collection which I hope to unvail in the next wee while.  In celebration of lovely little etsy shops I have put together my favourite items from the other BrisStyle "Little" shops.  


Lily Bunny Mini Little Jelly by Little Jellygnite

Diva Dress by Little Diva

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sewing has taken a little of a back seat this week as it was Miss Tayla's Ninth Birthday.  It always seems that the girls don't just have a Birth"day" but a whole entire Birth"week".  Which I don't mind as I get to share in lots of yummy cake.  

Miss Tayla's birthday is always a little bit special as she was born at 28 weeks.  My gosh look at my big girl now.  From the little baby who fit into my hand to the incredible strong, lively happy girl she is now.  She has grown from a baby who struggled to breath on her own, to walk, to eat, to talk to a wonderful girl who I have to ask to talk a little less at times, who climbs trees, who out runs me and eats me out of house and home.  Not to say it has been an easy journey by any means but that some of the hardest journeys are the ones to be treasured the most.  Happy Birthday lovely girl!  

Oh and she did love all the BrisStyle goodies I had brought for her over the past few months too.  

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