Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visitors and More Goodness at Little Mary Moo's Place

Look at the sweet little visitor we had at Little Mary Moo's Place last night.  About seven o'clock Cait walked down the hall to her room and there peeking out from the internal door from the garage was this little fellow.  When she called me to come and have a look at the frog in the house I thought she was pulling my leg as we have never even seen a green tree frog around let alone trying to hop down the hall.  But there he was sitting there just like he'd been invited for a cup of tea.  

After much oohing and or look isn't he so cute business from the four girls at Little Mary Moo's Place as well as a little bit of a flash photography session he decided to go and hide behind a folded up deck chair in the garage.  Luckily he decided to jump onto the chair and I was able to carry him outside to the grass on the chair.  

On a sewing note, Cait, my eldest made this very nifty purse over the holiday break.  It has a very cool ipod pocket at the front constructed from a scrap of Pippijoe fabric.  Cait made it all herself except the zipper.  

On a very exciting note I received a wonderful gift over the week from Sydney Etsy seller  Flower Press.  I brought one of Flower Press's hand screen printed tea towels for a friend as a house warming present and Flower Press very generously sent me two tea towels that had been printed slightly off center to play with.  How very lucky am I!  These are so beautiful.  Flower Press also has a wonderful blog that is well worth spending some time at.  


Hey Harriet said...

Gosh I haven't been lucky enough to see a green tree frog in the longest time. Lucky you! That has to be a good sign to have one visit your house!

Cait did a swell job on her purse. It's lovely that she's following in your crafty footsteps.

Have a great week ahead :)

Em said...

that is a cutie frog, did you know that frogs bring wealth :D
he looks a healthy big sized one too, maybe he has a spot he lives in your garden.

Abigail Leigh said...

He is a super cute little guy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love frogs! As you may have noticed. I don't like them in the toilet though. That makes me a little nervous ;D

You must be sooo proud of your talented student.

Hot Fudge said...

What an adorable frog. Still, I prefer my wildlife to reside outdoors!

You must be very proud of Cait, who obviously is following in her mother's footsteps.

Bec said...

Wow, so many cool things going on in your world at the moment Therese! Love that shot of the frog hiding behind the chair - what a beauty he is!!! And how cool is that purse Cait made. You must feel so proud to see her doing such a great job of it. And YAY to hand screenprinted tea towels. I'm really getting into the idea of getting rid of all my daggy old yucky tea towels and slowly replacing them with nice eco-friendly arty ones. May take a while though. So far I have '1' Will be putting Flower Press onto my list of tea towels to covet now...lucky Mother's Day is just around the corner :P

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