Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just For Fun

I have been very slow on the sewing front of late.  It was nice to do a little sewing last week just for fun.  This is the padded Nintendo ds case that I made for Cait.  I was able to use up some of my scraps which I was really pleased with.  Super easy and quick.  I really liked how the little "cookie" looks on the front.  I was a little naughty and cheated with the Velcro closure instead of doing it properly and putting in a clasp.  Oh well, can't do it all.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What to Do

(Image from here)

So poor old Brisbane was very, very wet yesterday.  In celebration of the torrential rain I brought this little pendent from Rain Cloud Studio.  Super cute.  My delemar today is whether work or school will be going ahead.  I got a wee bit of a panicked phone call at 11.30 yesterday from the girl's school that it was going under and they were evacuating.  So much excitement to be had.  The tuckshop ladies even made sure the kids got their tuckshop orders before they evacuated, how sweet is that.  As I was leaving the Principal was saying that school may not be on tomorrow.  Littlest Moo is adamant that there is no school on (hm wishful thinking maybe).  So do we get ready for school and work and chance it or stay in bed for the day?  It has stopped raining now so I'm kind of thinking it will all be on.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Treasures in the Mail

I got home from work last night to very excitedly find this beautiful pendant from the very talented Eliza from ElvenHair waiting for me in the mail.  It was all specially wrapped up.  I love the colours in the wood.  Eliza is raising funds for her very sweet medical assistant dog Gem who needs an operation on her leg.  So it is well worth the effort to buy some lovely wooden treasures and support such a wonderful couple.    

It has been poring rain here today so I've had the time to finish of this bag for a lovely BrisStyle girl.  It has been a lovely day of cubbies, pancakes, pizza and sewing.  Life would be a dream if everyday could be so sweet.  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Upside of Insomnia

Ok can someone please reset my body clock.  I have the most awful habit of waking at 3 to 4 am at the moment.  I am terrible at getting back to sleep, it takes me hours and by that time I have to get up and start the day anyway.  There are a few upsides though.  I like the darkness and quite of the house.  A coffee in peace, while reading emails and checking out blog happenings.  Also time to cut out patterns and fuse interfacing.  

After the Stitches and Craft show I have had a surge of inspiration.  I have done very little bag sewing this year but the Fretwork fabric by Brisbane boutique textile designer Thea & Sami was just needing to be turned into a messenger bag.  I had this one all cut out and ready to go by 6 am yesterday morning.  I love red and denim - I guess I have said that before though.  I am so very happy with how this turned out.  This bag was popped into my etsy shop this morning.  

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mega Stitches and Craft Post

Wow, what an incredible show this was.  So fresh and vibrant.  I adored the incubator section.  Just fabulous.  Not just because there were some very, very talented BrisStyle girls there but because it showcased such wonderful, original, Australian handmade goodness.  

Of course I made a bee line for the sensational Ink & Spindle stand.  It was so lovely to meet these three super talented girls.  They were so warm and friendly.  Definitely one of my highlights.  It was wonderful to see all the fabrics in person.  Some I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing for myself except via the computer screen.  Just beautiful.  Above is the selection I was able to bring home for my stash.  Thank you Ink & Spindle for my little extra too!

This is the little additions to my stash from Amitie Textiles.  I love the vibrant orange in the prints.  I picked the little animal one up for the girls to play with.  

I was also lucky enough to finally get my hands on some of Thea & Sami's wonderful hand screen printed fabric.  Thea & Sami is a small Brisbane textile design studio that print some of the most beautiful eco friendly textiles.  I love the selection I picked out, especially the red.  I think the red will go beautifully with an indigo denim I have in my stash at the moment.  

It was also love to see Kristen Doran's fabric at the show.  More hand screen printed goodness here too.  I have never used this fabric before (but have wanted to for the longest time).  I can't wait to start crafting with this lot above.   

Well I couldn't pass up a stop by to see the fabulous Louise in Miffy's World.  I had so much fun chatting to Louise and buying up some new clothes for the two little girls.  They look so lovely in their new Miffy's World attire.  I was also able to get some fab hair tie packs from Louise to sew up.  
And wasn't I lucky to stop by at Ruby 2 Go Go and find these perfect matching scooter girl badges to go with the girl's new clothes.  Hmmm have Louise and Helen been in cohoots?  The girls adore the scooter girl badges, I will just have to be really careful they don't accidentally end up in the wash.  

I was also very, very lucky to be the recipient of a Miffy's World apron.  I love this apron so much.  You know I have never worn an apron before but I am a true convert now.  Thank you so much Louise for your generosity.  Miffy's World rocks.  Here the girls and I are this morning having a little fashion to do.

But wait - there's more.  I also brought myself the must have T-Shirt Transfer for Ruby 2 Go Go.  Just have to find the perfect shirt to compliment it now.  

Last but not least look at the cool button ring I got from Ruby 2 Go Go.  How fab is this.  Made from vintage fabric and all.  Just excuse my dry, pale, old lady looking hands which don't do this ring justice at all.  I haven't brought myself a ring in years but I'm really loving wearing this one.  I was also lucky enough to be around when the reconstructed fashion parade was on and catch the Beckybean bags taking pride of place on the runway.  They were just beautiful.  

Huge thanks to everyone at the show for all the effort and making it so much fun.  Hope you are all enjoying a much deserved rest. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy Busy

(photo from here)

I've been keeping myself busy making some little bits and pieces for this most wonderful shop.  Tangled Yarns is a new shop in Newstead that stocks the most amazing range of yarns and so much other goodness that goes with handmade.  To walk in here, you feel like you are walking into another world - one where handmade rules!  The shop is so bright and airy and there is so much wonderful colour and texture that it is very hard to walk back out the door and go home, definitely not a shop you can just pop in and out of.  So now I am so very lucky to have some purses and pencil cases from Little Mary Moo's Place stocked in Tangled Yarns.  Hooray!  

Off to the Stitches and Craft show today, can't believe that I've been able to make it as it is the last day of the show.  More Hooray!  There are so many BrisStyle girls that have been busy at the show and from the sounds of it they all have been a huge success but that comes as no surprise.  I just hope that they have some of their handmade goods left for me to buy.

The other thing that has been keeping me hugely busy is my eldest Little Moo who has had gymnastics competitions the last two weekends.  I have lived in a fog of glitter spray.  I apologise in advance for the brag (not usually my style) but on such a very exciting note - she qualified for State Championships!  She trains so hard and puts in so much effort it is nice to see it pay off and for there to be some icing on the cake.  These girls are so brave.  They get out there and do these amazing routines with judges watching every little thing and then they are given a score for it.  I was also very impressed with the fantastic sportsmanship buy all the girls that were in her team.  They all cheered each other on and were there with a shoulder to lean on when things weren't going so great.  I have no photos of my own as my hand shakes to much - there is always a little part of me that wants to yell out "young lady you get down from there before you hurt yourself!"  but luckily for everyone I don't.  But there are photos here and here of her in action.  

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