Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visitors and More Goodness at Little Mary Moo's Place

Look at the sweet little visitor we had at Little Mary Moo's Place last night.  About seven o'clock Cait walked down the hall to her room and there peeking out from the internal door from the garage was this little fellow.  When she called me to come and have a look at the frog in the house I thought she was pulling my leg as we have never even seen a green tree frog around let alone trying to hop down the hall.  But there he was sitting there just like he'd been invited for a cup of tea.  

After much oohing and or look isn't he so cute business from the four girls at Little Mary Moo's Place as well as a little bit of a flash photography session he decided to go and hide behind a folded up deck chair in the garage.  Luckily he decided to jump onto the chair and I was able to carry him outside to the grass on the chair.  

On a sewing note, Cait, my eldest made this very nifty purse over the holiday break.  It has a very cool ipod pocket at the front constructed from a scrap of Pippijoe fabric.  Cait made it all herself except the zipper.  

On a very exciting note I received a wonderful gift over the week from Sydney Etsy seller  Flower Press.  I brought one of Flower Press's hand screen printed tea towels for a friend as a house warming present and Flower Press very generously sent me two tea towels that had been printed slightly off center to play with.  How very lucky am I!  These are so beautiful.  Flower Press also has a wonderful blog that is well worth spending some time at.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pretty in Pink

So I've never been much of a pink girl but I do love the very sweet musk pink used in the textile designs from Of Paper and Thread and Lara Cameron.   As Mother's Day is approaching I thought these might make a nice addition to my etsy shop.

This purse above is the Birch fabric from Lara Cameron.  The colour way is an exclusive to Kelani Fabric.  I love shopping at Kelani.  The service is above excellent  and  Kelani has the most wonderful range of Australian textile designers.  

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yesterday was a full day of sewing.  I made six purses and one laptop bag.  The purse above with the red print (Pippijoe fabric)  and the aqua blue bird purse (Lara Cameron fabric) are for my sister for her birthday.  Mum and I are taking her out for lunch today.  I am so looking forward to a lazy lunch with lots of yummy food and a good giggle and a much needed catch up.   My brother in law has kindly offered to wrangle my children and my niece and nephew so we can really have a grown up lunch.  Yay!  

On another sewing note, a friend of mine has three girls as well who are all early teens.  We share a lot of babysitting and always seem to be swapping kids back and forth but somehow it always seems to work.  Her middle daughter who is 13 wanted to come over to my place and learn to make a bag on Thursday afternoon.  Now this was the first afternoon of the holidays.  I have to say I was pretty chuffed that she wanted to hang out with me and sew on her first afternoon of holiday freedom.  Her two sisters were jibbing her that she wouldn't be able to make a bag as she is more sporty than crafty.  Well she did a beautiful job.  We kept it really simple, no pockets or clips or flaps but she made it all except the handle.  A  dark denim with a pretty pink stripe inside.  It was so nice to see how happy she was to have something cute, unique and funky to use that she can can say she made herself.  It is also nice to see handmade being cool in the teen age group.   

(photo from etsy listing)

In truth all this sewing has just been a way to curtail my strong desire to pop on over to another BrisStyle shop - Wheres Beckybean to buy the Macchioto Shoulder Bag.  I'm loving these bags made with recycled coffee sacks from Merlo coffee in Brisbane.  The colours, the style, well really everything.  

On another great BrisStyle note it is lovely to be able to go and hang out at the very fab new blog of Ruby 2 Go Go.  This blog will sure to be a fave among many a crafty blog reader.  

Happy Easter to all, may it be full of lots of chocolate and hot cross buns.  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bug Has Bitten

Well my esty store crafting has been brought to a little bit of a hault due to having to share the sewing machine.  Little Moo has been totally bitten by the sewing bug.  This was Little Moo at 7 am on this morning - Sunday and all fed and showered, teeth and hair done (this can be a wee bit of a battle) all so she could get back to the machine.  So I think I have finally found my bribe.  

Little Moo is into making pillows at the moment.  For some reason this has also co insided with the decrease in the amount of toilet paper available in our house.  Apparently toilet paper makes great stuffing because one can't wait for their Mum to make a trip to the shops to purchase some more appropriate means of stuffing a pillow.  

I did however manage to edge my way onto the machine and make this little purse above.  I've never used Pippijoe's Orchard fabric for a purse before just the bags.  I have to say that I am quite please with how it has come together as a purse.  

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