Thursday, May 21, 2009

What to Do

(Image from here)

So poor old Brisbane was very, very wet yesterday.  In celebration of the torrential rain I brought this little pendent from Rain Cloud Studio.  Super cute.  My delemar today is whether work or school will be going ahead.  I got a wee bit of a panicked phone call at 11.30 yesterday from the girl's school that it was going under and they were evacuating.  So much excitement to be had.  The tuckshop ladies even made sure the kids got their tuckshop orders before they evacuated, how sweet is that.  As I was leaving the Principal was saying that school may not be on tomorrow.  Littlest Moo is adamant that there is no school on (hm wishful thinking maybe).  So do we get ready for school and work and chance it or stay in bed for the day?  It has stopped raining now so I'm kind of thinking it will all be on.  


Thea said...

I love that you bought the pendant to celebrate our rainy weather. Littlest Moo reminds me of my little girl (now grown up) and what she was like back then.

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