Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Treasures in the Mail

I got home from work last night to very excitedly find this beautiful pendant from the very talented Eliza from ElvenHair waiting for me in the mail.  It was all specially wrapped up.  I love the colours in the wood.  Eliza is raising funds for her very sweet medical assistant dog Gem who needs an operation on her leg.  So it is well worth the effort to buy some lovely wooden treasures and support such a wonderful couple.    

It has been poring rain here today so I've had the time to finish of this bag for a lovely BrisStyle girl.  It has been a lovely day of cubbies, pancakes, pizza and sewing.  Life would be a dream if everyday could be so sweet.  


mimoo said...

I love the bag Therese! love that skipping rope fabric. clever.

Hey Harriet said...

I was lucky enough to win a keyring from Eliza on a recent blog giveaway she had :) The recipient of that lovely bag will be very happy! It's beautiful! Sounds like a nice day you had. I also had pancakes today. Perfect rainy day food. As rain is predicted for all week I think it's a great excuse to eat pancakes everyday. Yay! It's nice to find a positive in such miserable weather :)

Hot Fudge said...

Eliza's pendant is beautifully crafted and I bet it will look wonderful worn with winter clothes.

I absolutely love the new bag - are you sure you didn't make it for me?

Katy said...

I bought one of her Pendants too - they are gorgeous aren't they - hopefully her Pup is better now :-)

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