Friday, January 9, 2009

Market Pictures

Yay upload success! Below are some pictures of my stall at the fantastic BrisStyle Market. I certainly did learn a lot from this experience. Mum and I had so much fun. I have to extend a huge thank you to everyone who called into my stall, your patronage and kindness was very, very much appreciated.


Little Diva said...

Your stall was beautifully set up - great job !

Amy (badskirt) said...

Your display looks great. I really love the way the messenger bags look on the wooden step stool. Your display "tree" is also very cool. Can I ask where you found that?

Little Mary Moo said...

Thank you for your kind comments girls.

The tree I got from cardboodle (or something like that - fancy card shop)in the Queens Plaza shopping centre in Brisbane's Queens Street Mall. I purchased it at the middle of November.

I would love to get a hold of a big wooden tree for display. The T2 shop hand a fab green one this year for Christmas. I found a big wooden tree in a kids online shop but it was a fortune. I hope all is well Amy, I've been super slack on the blogging front.

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