Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grateful Day 5

I'm grateful that my girls can see materials as one thing and make them into another. Some of you who do know my little etsy shop know I have a love for Pippijoe's Orchard fabric. When I cut this fabric, I try to use every bit I possibly can. I hate throwing away even the smallest bit. The artwork on this fabric is so unique and engaging it seems such a shame for any of it to go to waste. Recently I did have to cut these small strips to fit the pattern square on a bag. Well they were pounced on by Little Moo. I think she has been just waiting to get her hands on some. So with much excitement with her treasured gift she busily set about creating wrist bands with the left overs and good old Velcro. Sweet. Apparently they even have special powers or so says Little Moo. I wonder if that includes getting children to brush their teeth and eat their vegetables?


Anonymous said...

I think you would be very rich if Little Moo's wrist bands could do the things you wish for. I would buy three straight away ;) the fabric is very cute, nice to see your scraps go to good use.

Hey Harriet said...

How very clever & cute. Special powers? Just like Wonder Woman! And Wonder Woman brushed her teeth & ate all her vegies. I'm quite sure she did! :D

I'm lovin' your Grateful Day posts.

Hot Fudge said...

Ah, a girl after my own heart. Never throw away anything that can be used to make something else. I have a good friend who makes quater inch hexagons out of Liberty fabric because she can't bear to throw the scraps away. In about 50 years she'll have enough to make a cot quilt!

Little Mary Moo said...

inch hexagons - omg they must be so tiny. That is amazing to have so much patience.

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