Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grateful Day 4

Of course back to school. Grateful I caught their funny, cheesy grins. Missed the noise and the chatter but they caught up on all of that as they came in the door. Happy back to school for all the kids and of course all the Mums and Dads.


Bec said...

What lovely happy faces :)
Lee had his first day of Kindy yesterday. Luckily he loved it, but I must admit I felt at a bit of a loss. Especially when Kate had her sleep and the house was completely quiet for 2 hours!!!!!!!

Little Mary Moo said...

2 hours seems huge doesn't it! I hope Lee has a fantastic time at kindy. I find I listen to podcasts just to fill in the space. I hope Kate didn't miss him too much.

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