Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ho Hum

School holidays are nearly over. I am not a happy camper when getting all the back to school crapola ready. I really should have home schooled the girls except for the fact that a: I am severely lacking in the patience department b: I do have to earn some money from an outside income c: fabric shopping, hanging out at the library, swimming and the likes doesn't count as a full education. The theory of it all is very cool but I know the reality of my limitations.
I know I should be positive and embrace the back to school thing but I am a little over it all. Honestly there has been over 60 books between them! OMG when are they going to bring in laptops for every child and save the likes of me from impending doom under a pile of brown paper and revolting contact. It's not to much to ask is it? Just think of all the trees. Maybe they could go all retro and go back to using a slate. I did have dreams of being well behaved and neatly decorating all their books but now they will have to be happy with their name printed on them.
I thought I would be clever and use so of the wrapping paper that came in an issue of Frankie for my eldest in year 6 to cover some of her note pads. But oops when I had the books all covered I realised that the pictures may be a little inappropriate for the year six preteen age group as the girls on the wrapping paper all have their nipples drawn in. I can see all the giggles and blushing now. Oh bugger it, I'm sure I'll get called to the principals office if there is a problem. I should except the fact that I'm not clever and trying to be is really a recipe for disaster.
The one true bit of coolness I did find in this whole back to school shmozal is these very, very fab free Aunty Cookie bags tags. Go check them out here.
So as part of my minor grumps I've decided it is time to start my 365 days of grateful. Above is my picture for today. I am utterly grateful that I only have this box left to complete of my torture. I promise the next picture will be something much more interesting.


Chrisy said...

I just loooove your writing those kids would learn plenty if they were home schooled by u! And that contact factory is probably owned by alcohol companies just to keep mothers drinkin...

Little Mary Moo said...

Thanks Chrisy, I do try to keep the blog a grump free zone. Very interesting conclusion though between contact and alcohol companies - they just might be in cohorts (maybe I can blame them for all those damn bubbles that end up in the contact)

Anonymous said...

I'm really fretting about when all three of my kids are going to school and all that contact! I do not mix well with that sticky uncontrollable stuff. I only have one at school and that's hard enough. I tried using character contact to save using brown paper or wrapping paper underneath, I still managed to wrap half upside down and most crinkled. Humphhhhh!!! so frustrating. I'm willing to pay someone to do it next year, but I don't think anyone would do that for a living ;)

Hey Harriet said...

Oh geeez, and I thought I was a cranky pants ;) A fun post! You should just go with the Frankie paper I think!

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