Saturday, January 10, 2009

Australian Fabric Loveliness

I still find it quite mind boggling the amount of incredible hand screen printed textiles that come out of Australia. We are definitely spoilt for choice. I adore their originality, design and colour. Below are a few new purses that have found their way to etsy. All of these purses have front panels constructed using Australian hand screen printed textiles.

I am so glad I found this designer. Butter Creative has come up with some fresh funky designs. I love her use of colour and the boldness that is used in her design. You can check out her great blog here.

The two purses above are made using the wonderful Woodland Fabric from of paper and thread. I have been looking and loving this fabric for the longest time. I am so very glad I finally purchased some just after Christmas. The design is so unique and the cotton/linen blend is beautiful to work with. You can check out of paper and thread's blog here.

Last but far from least is Aunty Cookie. I made this purse using some of the eggshell fabric I had in my stash. I had previously used this fabric for market totes and I am kicking myself a little for not realising earlier that it comes up so well in the little purse. You can check out Aunty Cookie's blog here.


edward and lilly said...

Thanks for the link to Butter Creative, great fabrics!

Bec said...

Yeah, I'd never heard of Butter Creative either. Off to check them out now. Thanks!!!

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