Friday, January 30, 2009

Grateful Day 7

I'm grateful that this chick lives at my house. Her name is Lisa and she was handcrafted by the super talented Made by Maisie. Will lovely dolls, toys and clothes of this nature still be around in the future with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)? I admit I don't know very much about all the issues related to CPSIA. There is a cool post here and another here. I hope there is a solution for all the sellers of handmade children's items in the near future.

There is a swing horse that is under my Mum's house. It was built by the builder who built her Mother and Father's house in Wilston in the 1930's out of scraps left over from the house. This horse has been loved and ridden on by three generations and I'm sure there will be future generations who enjoy it just as much. That's true handmade product testing.


Anonymous said...

Oh we had a swinging horse under my grandparents house. It was so much fun.

Thanks for the memories.

x Catherine

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