Thursday, October 2, 2008

Super Stash Savings

More stash tales.
A few months ago I was very, very lucky to go to the Hearts of Africa fabric sale that was held in Albion in Brisbane at Hayes Upholstery. All the fabric was donated and then sold off. My favourite pieces are below. What a bargain they were selling most of the fabric for 40c a piece. I can't remember the last time I paid 40c for anything let alone pieces of designer fabric. There was some real gems amongst all the fabric and some of it was several metres in length. The most I paid was $2.00 for several meters of black canvas. I was a little possessed and the sale far outweighed my expectations for I was very unprepared. My poor girls were each sat down and piled with my finds. I did manage to find them several hours later after a bit of digging. If there is ever another sale I shall have a Nana trolley in hand.

This fabric above is my absolute fave. It is screen printed in the UK and has beautiful names like "Katie". Each piece is about 1.5 metres in length. I'm thinking of market totes for these ones if I can ever convince myself to cut it.

(The container full of finds, lucky it is on wheels because it is much to heavy to lift)


Trish Goodfield said...

I'm sooo jealous. Your stash make my opshop finds look a little meagre. Waiting with anticipation to see what you make.

Little Mary Moo said...

I'm sure your opshop finds are wonderfull, I was just very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. It is a shame to think that there must be oodles of great fabric that is fed to land fill that is left over from comercial projects.

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