Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In the latest issue of Frankie I was thoroughly intrigued by the "365 grateful" article. The article featured photographer Hailey Bartholomew's Polaroid photos that she takes everyday of what she is grateful for. Her 365 Day's a Grateful pictures can be found here as well as others from the group. Definitely beautiful viewing and well worth a peek.

I would love to try this kind of project and it is definitely on my list of things to do. I know there is plenty of inspiration out there. Maybe just adding some of by gratefulness to my blog would be at least a start. In the spirit of Blogtoberfest, I am most grateful to the most lovely Big Cat's Emporium for hosting such a fun event. I'm am very much a Blogtoberfest wall flower (story of my life) and I love to sit back at watch and listen. Through Blogtoberfest I am very much grateful to find the following wonderful crafty blogs:
Sparkly Green Knickers (how could you not love a blog with such a fantastic name!)


shells said...

I love the idea of grateful photos! Every Thursday in my blog I post a gratitude list called Things I Love Thursday - a list of all the things (big or small) that made me happy or that I'm grateful for over the previous week :) It's made my life so much better to focus on the good things!

Little Mary Moo said...

Hi Shells,

You are right, it easy to see what we don't have and sometimes its good to be reminded of all we do have.

Leni and Rose said...

What a great idea - photos about what we are grateful for! So important to focus on the nice things - Shells has also got it right! And thanks for your lovely shout out!

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