Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Stormy

I'm a Brisbane girl through and through, I have never lived anywhere else. In fact I work in the same hospital I was born in. Very boring I know. I don't do change well. I have always loved when the storms roll through Brisbane. I love the change in the air and the relief from the suffocating humidity. The photo above was taken from my deck on Tuesday afternoon. We were all tucked up inside when the lightning came so its only of the dark clouds as the came across.
Don't forget the bag will be drawn this afternoon!


Amy (badskirt) said...

Sydney and Brisbane are looking alike right now! Strange stormy weather brewing on the horizon and in the backyard. (if we had backyards in Sydney =)

sparklygreenknickers said...

That's funny - I work at the hospital where I was born - although we've just moved to a new building!

Kylie said...

Oh - you make me homesick for QLD. I was born and raised in Mackay and left home at 17 to go to UNI! Humm - then I meet and married my wonderful husband and being a QLDer is now a distant memory (but still very much in my heart! - and dont tell anyone that I am in NSW for two years)

Ali said...

Oh, I love our storms too ... it seems we haven't had so many in the past few summers - hopefully this summer we'll see some dramatic, good 'ol Brissie storms!

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