Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just Perfect

(Photo from etsy listing)
Look at the great note book I picked up this morning from Jellygnite's shop on etsy. This is just perfect for my youngest moo who is doing dinosaurs at school this term. It will be great for her to take on her trip to the museum for drawings and little notes. Just like the pirate theme we don't have many dinosaur inspired paraphernalia, so this will be fantastic. It will also be nice to put away and keep for her when she is older so she can look back at what she wrote and drew when she was six.
Today I'm taking the girls shopping for their summer clothes, hopefully we won't have to many disagreements about choices in clothes. Maybe find somewhere nice for lunch too. I love a girls day out.


Ali said...

Hi Therese, thanks for blogging about my dinos! (it's one of my favourites!) Hope your littlest moo finds it useful for her dino investigations!

Little Mary Moo said...

Thank you. I loved this note book and I'm sure she will too.

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