Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For More Than Washing Faces

There is many a Nan, Gran or Aunt who will tell you that there is many a crafting activity to be done with the humble face washer. I was the recipient of many a crochet around the outside face washer at Christmas time as a kid. I have to admit, I do have a love for face washer craft and this is my fave:

The drink bottle cover!
I do love these very much as the days get hotter in Brisbane. The girls go to school with frozen drink bottle and these covers absorb all the condensation on the outside of the bottles so their books and Vegemite sandwiches don't end up wet and festy. The great thing about them is they are super quick to sew and can be thrown in the wash for a quick clean and be nice and fresh (unlike anything else that goes to or from school) for the next day. Below are my somewhat dodgy instructions for making your own if you so wish a bit of face washer crafting.
Choose a face washer, I made a bit of an incorrect choice with this one (it was the only new one I had). You are better of choosing one that isn't too thick around the edges for easier sewing and so it sits nice and neat on its bottom.
Sew a wee hem around the top edge of about 2 - 2.5cm should do nicely.

Pin together with the good sides facing each other like above. Sew a seam commencing at the folded edge at the bottom all the way to the start of the hem at the top.

Make sure to stop here so the two gaps at the top of the hem remain open for the tie to go through.

While the face washer is still inside out, take the corner where the folded edge is and pull to make a triangle to square off the bottom. Pin in place. Do the same with the opposite end of the bottom seam .

Sew a small seam about 1.5cm from the edge across to secure the triangle.

The seam should look like this when completed.

Now turn the face washer the right way out and the bottom should then appear nice and squared off like above.

I just had some cotton tape available today but you could use a pretty cord or ribbon if you wished. Just pop what ever you are going to use for a tie through the top. You can just tie off at a length just a little longer than what it takes to go through the top.

The face washes scrunches around the tie really well and will hold its form nicely around the top. Easy peasy hey! All you need to do now is pop in your frozen drink bottle and off you (or the kids) go. The cover will hold a bottle up to 750ml. Maybe you could even make a face washer stubby cooler for the man in your life(or maybe not I think!).
There are some super cute face washers out there so give it a go. I've shared my favourite face washer craft, so what's yours?


Bec said...

This is a fantastic tutorial, and such a great idea!!! Hey, you should submit it to the Living Creatively website - they were looking for simple crafty tutorials to feature there! By the way, I subscribe to your blog a while ago, and have only just realised that it mustn't have worked properly, as you blog has been showing in my bloglines with 0 new posts next to it for ages. I've only just realised I've missed out on heaps of posts!!!!! I'll try a different feed and hope that works, as I do enjoy your blog :)
Ooops, sorry about the long comment! Cheers, Bec

Little Mary Moo said...


You always bring a smile to may face. Thank you for always being so kind, you are a true gem.

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