Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Amazing BIDM

The BrisStyle girls totally out did themselves at the markets on Saturday.  I hope everyone of them is so very proud of the fantastic effort they put in.  All the stalls showcased classy, original, well made, beautiful handmade Brisbane goodness.  Well done to you all and a huge thank you for allowing me the pleasure of shopping at such a wonderful market.  Below is some pictures of the some of the beautiful goodies I picked up.  

This is the beautiful bag that I brought from Beckybean.  I have loved this bag for ages.  I even took it out with me on Saturday night after I brought it.  It makes me feel like a real girl.   These sisters again were a real hit (no surprises there) but apparently it was their Dad who too took Brisbane by storm with his great wooden buttons.   

The two delightful items above are from Made by Maisie.  Jessie, the doll, is for my middle daughter for her birthday in August and the little pincushion is for me.  As you can see, I have already started to use the pincushion.  It is perfect, just the right size, is stuffed tightly enough to hold the pins at a good angle and sits on its bottom perfectly.   I love how the dolls have their dresses sewn as part of the doll.  My girls have a thing for undressing their dolls and taking off their beautiful clothes and often loosing them.  No worries with a Made by Maisie doll.  

The sweet cat collar above is from PretaPawte.  Now I don't have a cat at the moment but I live in hope that we will find the perfect kitten in the not so distant feature.  Now I can have a dog and cat in matching collars.  But I'm kind of thinking that is a little strange but I do love the red star fabric.  

The lovely earrings and hair ties are from My Girl Design.  This stall was so sweet.  There was three of the best little shop keepers too.  Thank you girls for your wonderful service.  

Wow, Up In Annies Room was hot.  There was a fair amount of jostling to get a look in at this stall (but it was well worth it).  I did also buy a Scrabble tile from here too but it as found a new home already.  

I had the most lovely time at hot toffee's stall.  All of her jewellery is beautiful.  Classic yet a little pretty too.  I brought these earrings for Miss Cait.  I did have plans of saving them for Christmas but I have no self control and they are being worn as I type.  

The purses and hot pack are from Bubba Chenille.  This stall was amazing and I'm glad I didn't leave it too long to call back and make my purchases.  The hot pack reminds me of the bedspread I had as a child.  Mmmm good memories there.  The little purses are perfect for the girls.  They have a neat little metal clip on the top, so I will be able to pin them into their school bags so they can keep their ice block money safe and sound.  

Badges for me from Miss Kitty Boo Boo.  So sweet and will be perfect for my lanyard at work. 

Spinning tops from the most lovely Eliza from Elvenhair.  Oh my gosh, these are so much fun.  A friend came over for afternoon tea on Saturday afternoon and these didn't stop on the table.  But you know I really did buy them for the girls and occasionally I share.  

A beautiful pencil holder for Miss Tayla's birthday from Wicked Child Designs.  Perfect!

A fabric panel from Red Seed Studio.  I have such a hard time resisting hand screen printed fabric, especially in red.  

Another beautiful ring from Ruby2GoGo.  I love these rings so much.  This one is perfect as it goes with my much worn black cardigan over winter.  

Last but certainly not least, this beautiful dress from Hot Fudge.  I have had my eye on this dress for the longest time.  It looks so lovely on the Littlest Moo.  Who can go past red and denim.  

I did also buy some goodies from Raspberry Pink, Lauren even sold me the ring off her finger.  Too funny.  Thanks heaps.  The turtle ring is much loved and hasn't been taken off the recipient's finger. 

Thank you again to all the wonderful BrisStyle girls for making this the most enjoyable day.  To all those too that I ran out of money to buy from, I did have a lovely time oohing and ahhing over your beautiful wares.  It was great to see them in person.   I have many on my list for the next markets.  


flowerpress said...

What a fantastic haul! You Brisbane gals are soooo talented :-)

Ali said...

Wow! You did some serious shopping!!! I'm envious - I barely got a moment to look around ... not that I'm complaining though!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful feature. Gorgeous items!

I'm with envious Ali! I wanted to go back and purchase more, but most of the items I had my eyes on had been snapped up by the crowds.

At least I can still shop online. I'm sure the BrisStylette stock will be replenished soon ;)

Sandrine said...

Great shopping choices, I love the hot toffee hearing they are on my wish list at the moment!I am sad I did not have a chance to meet you there...I was probably surounded by few customers if you walked by?

Hot Fudge said...

What a wonderful post - I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And how I envy you all your purchases. Next time I am going to hire a slave to look after my stall while I go cruising! I hope the Littlest Moo likes her dress - thank you so much for buying it.

Up In Annie's Room said...

Thanks for the mention :-)

Anonymous said...


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