Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yesterday was a full day of sewing.  I made six purses and one laptop bag.  The purse above with the red print (Pippijoe fabric)  and the aqua blue bird purse (Lara Cameron fabric) are for my sister for her birthday.  Mum and I are taking her out for lunch today.  I am so looking forward to a lazy lunch with lots of yummy food and a good giggle and a much needed catch up.   My brother in law has kindly offered to wrangle my children and my niece and nephew so we can really have a grown up lunch.  Yay!  

On another sewing note, a friend of mine has three girls as well who are all early teens.  We share a lot of babysitting and always seem to be swapping kids back and forth but somehow it always seems to work.  Her middle daughter who is 13 wanted to come over to my place and learn to make a bag on Thursday afternoon.  Now this was the first afternoon of the holidays.  I have to say I was pretty chuffed that she wanted to hang out with me and sew on her first afternoon of holiday freedom.  Her two sisters were jibbing her that she wouldn't be able to make a bag as she is more sporty than crafty.  Well she did a beautiful job.  We kept it really simple, no pockets or clips or flaps but she made it all except the handle.  A  dark denim with a pretty pink stripe inside.  It was so nice to see how happy she was to have something cute, unique and funky to use that she can can say she made herself.  It is also nice to see handmade being cool in the teen age group.   

(photo from etsy listing)

In truth all this sewing has just been a way to curtail my strong desire to pop on over to another BrisStyle shop - Wheres Beckybean to buy the Macchioto Shoulder Bag.  I'm loving these bags made with recycled coffee sacks from Merlo coffee in Brisbane.  The colours, the style, well really everything.  

On another great BrisStyle note it is lovely to be able to go and hang out at the very fab new blog of Ruby 2 Go Go.  This blog will sure to be a fave among many a crafty blog reader.  

Happy Easter to all, may it be full of lots of chocolate and hot cross buns.  


Ali said...

Beautiful, beautiful little purses - the aqua one is lovely!
And I love the story of your young friend wanting to spend her first day of holidays crafting! .. has she been bitten by the craft bug?!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little purses. I love the fabric on all of them! How I would love a full day to devote to drawing pictures. I guess when the kids grow up a little more I'll have some time ;)

Hot Fudge said...

Can I be your sister? I would be hard pressed to choose between the gorgeous purses, though.

No wonder you were chuffed that a 13 year-old would want to spend time having you teach her to make a bag. What a compliment.

Bec said...

I love that story about your friend's daughter. How cool that you get to be the one to introduce her to the goodness of sewing!!!! And what a lovely way to celebrate your sister's birthday. I bet she loved her purses :) Lastly, thank-you SO much for featuring our bag. Sorry it has taken so long to leave a comment - have been struggling to keep up with blog world at the moment...but better late than never?!!! Thanks again, Bec XXX

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