Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bug Has Bitten

Well my esty store crafting has been brought to a little bit of a hault due to having to share the sewing machine.  Little Moo has been totally bitten by the sewing bug.  This was Little Moo at 7 am on this morning - Sunday and all fed and showered, teeth and hair done (this can be a wee bit of a battle) all so she could get back to the machine.  So I think I have finally found my bribe.  

Little Moo is into making pillows at the moment.  For some reason this has also co insided with the decrease in the amount of toilet paper available in our house.  Apparently toilet paper makes great stuffing because one can't wait for their Mum to make a trip to the shops to purchase some more appropriate means of stuffing a pillow.  

I did however manage to edge my way onto the machine and make this little purse above.  I've never used Pippijoe's Orchard fabric for a purse before just the bags.  I have to say that I am quite please with how it has come together as a purse.  


Anonymous said...

I love that purse! Very cute :)

Hey Harriet said...

Little Moo is quite resourceful in her use of toilet paper as pillow stuffing. Could be problematic if she makes too many pillows during a long weekend with all the shops closed ;D

The purse is very sweet. Cute fabric.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, a budding apprentice.

You may have to keep Little Moo's pillow close by the toilet incase paper gets scant. Your visitor's will be impressed with your unique 'Toilet Tissue Dispenser'. I'm sure the 'scruncher's' won't mind, but the 'folders' may have a problem with it.

Cute purse!

Hot Fudge said...

You realise you probably won't have a sewing machine any more and will have to beg your daughter for a loan of hers! What a lateral thinker you have there - toilet paper - perfect! Oh, and I am glad you were able to borrow the machine to make up the little purse. It's simply adorable.

Ali said...

What a lovely photo of your little Moo - such a perfect thing to see! (I'm awaiting the day when I have to share my machine ... hmmm, maybe!)
Sweet new purse too :)

edward and lilly said...

hehe, looks like you have your succession plan worked out for the business ;)

Great purse!

Bec said...

Hey, maybe this could be the start of your own little sweatshop :P Glad to see she is keen though - so lovely! Love the Orchard fabric as a pouch too! I've got some that I used on a tote for my Aunty, and it really is a beautiful pring :)

Little Mary Moo said...

Yes the littlest moo has her own etsy shop on her wish list. That might just take a little planning and fine tuning but it would be nice for her confidence to have her own little shop.

Pretapawte said...

That is so cute. how long till she has her own etsy store?

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