Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the Second Day of a BrisStyle Christmas

Now the shopping is hotting up for the second day of a BrisStyle Christmas. My pick for Santa to bring is a sweet mix of bags, jewels, neck pieces and a few goodies for the girls too.

Butterfly Flowers Art Print by Twinkle Star Art
(I also heard that Twinkle Star Art will be launching wearable prints at the Market and I do hope that Santa will bring some of those too)

Libby Doll by Retro Bird Designs

heART Peacock Feather Beads by Happily Ever Artist

Gypsy Neck Piece by Violet Rose Designs


Twinkle Star Art said...

I'm going to find it tough controlling my spending at the BiDM in a couple of weeks. Thanks for featuring my butterfly art print :)

littlechrissy said...

Nanna's Trifle! Best name for a handbag ever. Great wish list. I'm counting down...

Jade said...

Thanks for including our little reversible in your post :) so many goodies as I'm reading over your 12 days of christmas!! i love hayley and ali's gift tags though, might have to go online and purchase some now :)

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