Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Is.....

Well today is the 1st of November. Just over a month till the most exciting date of the year. No it's not Christmas I'm thinking of but the BrisStyle BIDM market. Market preps are in full swing, with the sweat shop girls (aka the children) being bribed with much chocolate for their assistance.

The 1st of November also starts the month of "Movember". Movember aims to raise awareness of two very serious men's health issues - prostate cancer and depression. Check out the official site for all the info of how you can get involved with all the Movember goings on. I am choosing not to grow a Mo (not such a lovely look on a girl) but maybe I shall craft a Mo instead and donate the proceeds of the sale to the cause. Maybe you too want to get involved with some crafty Mos. If you want some inspiration here are some of my favourite Etsy Mustaches:

Wool Felt Mustache by chickbabyrose

Super cute Moustache Gloves by wifeofbrian


Hot Fudge said...

What a hoot - love the cat!

Sandrine said...

The cat is really cute I agree...much cuter than the guys that used to grow mos at my workplace!

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