Monday, November 30, 2009

On the Eigth Day of a BrisStyle Christmas

Well day eight brings yet more loveliness. The sweetest coil ring and necklace make the list. A red embroidered denim purse because I do love how red and denim go together. Hot orange earrings, a cushion cover that would be perfect for my lounge and of course I would love a satchel bag too.

Reversible Satchel by Taybian

Cest la vie Necklace by Hungry Designs


blue ginger designs said...

LOVINGGGG the Pear cushion! Its rad! I have something similar coming out hopefully before christmas with oranges, apples and figs. So want to get myself one of those though!

Hot Fudge said...

I would be so happy if any one of these delicious goodies landed under my Christmas tree. Can't wait to see them for myself on Saturday!

jenny said...

Hey this is very nice and attracting post. I like the earring most for my sister and the fantasy of the bag and pillow design are amazing too...
r4 dsi

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