Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sewing has taken a little of a back seat this week as it was Miss Tayla's Ninth Birthday.  It always seems that the girls don't just have a Birth"day" but a whole entire Birth"week".  Which I don't mind as I get to share in lots of yummy cake.  

Miss Tayla's birthday is always a little bit special as she was born at 28 weeks.  My gosh look at my big girl now.  From the little baby who fit into my hand to the incredible strong, lively happy girl she is now.  She has grown from a baby who struggled to breath on her own, to walk, to eat, to talk to a wonderful girl who I have to ask to talk a little less at times, who climbs trees, who out runs me and eats me out of house and home.  Not to say it has been an easy journey by any means but that some of the hardest journeys are the ones to be treasured the most.  Happy Birthday lovely girl!  

Oh and she did love all the BrisStyle goodies I had brought for her over the past few months too.  


Thea said...

Many Happy Returns to Miss Tayla. Of course I love the bag you made from my fabric but I also enjoyed your little story of stalking that lady.
Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Special times!! Hope you are still eating cake!! :)

Sandrine said...

Happy birthday to your lovely lady, it must have been a real challenge being born at 28 weeks what a great inspiring post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Tayla. Wow, she looks so much like you Therese. Hope you're all enjoying a week of celebrating and eating cake ;)

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