Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Small Ones

Well they're finally ready - my new collection of small purses. Theses purses are just a little smaller then the others that I traditionally make. They close with a 10 cm zip instead of a 12 cm zip. I've also sourced some new hand screen printed fabrics. It is amazing how talented these textile designers are. I've had so much fun working on this new collection to add to my etsy shop.
Blue Doll Purse - fabric by Mikodesign

Little Red Flower Purse - fabric by Hollabee

Small Spring Purse - fabric by Melbomba

Olive Doll Purse - fabric by Mikodesign

Small Blue Bird Purse - fabric by Melbomba

The last two photos are of the the little coin purses I've been worked on too. I'm still tossing up wether I will pop these on etsy or leave them for the next markets I do. They looked so sweet all standing up together.


jade holi said...

oooh i like your purses! i had a bit of a purse stacking day today also. x

Ali said...

these new lovely little purses look to be the perfect size!! I really like little things :)

ps thanks for saying 'hi' to my little Lily bunny!

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