Sunday, August 23, 2009


Another busy week over and done but a good one all up.  I had a lovely visit to Nook yesterday.  I have wanted to get down to see this most sweetest shop since it recently opened.  I wasn't disappointed at all.  So much hand made goodness in one place.  It was lovely to see some of the BrisStyle girls' wonderful items on display.  I'm sure Nook will become a regular haunt for the handmade shopper in Brisbane.  

Going to Nook spurred on a bit of inspiration (how could it not!) .  While I was going through town I spied a girl with the most gorgeous fabric hand bag.  I had to follow her for a little while to get a good peek at it though.  (Please tell me I'm not the only crazy person who does things like that.)  So below is the bag I made this morning from Thea & Sami's beautiful fretwork fabric this morning.  It has been forever since I have made a two handled tote.  I think it is my dislike for the handle making part that steers me clear of actually having to make two handles instead of one.  


Sandrine said...

I envy your Nook visit!beautiful tote bag with Thea 's fabric too ;)

littlechrissy said...

Lovely bag. I too follow people who have things I like. My mum, when she was in New York, chased a woman for four blocks until she could get a photo of her quilted bag. :-)

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