Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We all have one

Meet Me at Mikes is having a most lovely Share your Stash. These are a few of my favourites I though I would share.

Above is a picture of the half of the linen closet I have packed away in order to make way for the most favoured pieces of my stash. I live in a very little house and I love having all the fabric neat and stacked at my finger tips.

I see red... I love red at the moment. I think that the most wonderful Aunty Cookie and Pippijoe have had a lot to do with my obsession with red. How can you resist such fantastic original fabric.
I can't wait to see everyone stash.

Little Bit of Time

I seem to live in a time warp. So much to do but so little time but this afternoon the girls and I have been blessed with an afternoon free. Total and utter bliss. Time to play and sew and heat up the oven for a herb and chilli lamb roast (yum!) with crispy roast potatoes.

I had the time to work on the little bag above a bit of a change in the design of my current market tote. Not quite as big as I would like but still big enough to pop in a loaf of bread and a few esentials. I love how the red daisy fabric goes with the calico and denim. The denim at the bottom is nice and sturdy and should stop the bottom of the bag from looking gruby too quick. I shall be placing it in my etsy store in the not to distant future.

We also had fairy bread for afternoon tea mmmm. The only problem is I now have and thousands everywhere. Even in between the keys on the laptop, which is makes typing this post rather difficult.

Lucky us, Frank the Super from the Mirabel Auctions is coming to our house to live. We are all waiting keenly for our favourite Australia Post van to deliver him.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Little bit of this & that

Not much has been happening on the crafting front at Little Mary Moo's Place. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in a few hours this afternoon. The little moos are watching Mary Poppins, a firm favourite in our house. I wish Mary Poppins would come and live at my house or even Nanny McFee. I am interviewing my first nanny next week to look after the girls on the afternoons I work. I have to say I am very nervous and quite don't know what to expect. Just a little bit of magic would be nice, hmmm we will have to wait and see.
I got this pattern for a skirt for the little moos from Kelani Fabric this week. I can't wait to try it out. I think I shall try it first with a simple fabric to see if I like it. I'm sure I will though and by
the look of it I think it will be used over and over again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bits and Bobs

Meet Me at Mikes is doing a week of Golden Books (yay!). Above are some pickies of my fave - Doctor Dan the Bandage Man. The top pick shows the mint condition, the two bottom pickies are the pickies of my very own book after much lovin. I adored this book and I think it my of started my minor obsession with band aids and my then progression into nursing (just so I could justify my band aid use). I use to beg for a "mixed" pack of band aids just so I could lay my pudgy finger on the much wanted dot band aids. Now I can go to work and happily lay dots on as many unsuspecting patients as I like. (Next time a nurse places a "dot" on your arm with wierd little happy smile on her face it might just be me.)

Yesterday Little Mary Moo's fish tank had a referb. A full spring clean was given, new plants purchased and a lovely rock added. Lola (named after "Charlie & Lola"), the angel fish seems very happy with with the new additions and more so with actually being able to see out. We have also added a bristle nose sucker fish who is oh so cute but seems to be missing in action this morning. The girl at the pet shop said the sucker fish should keep down the algae, I hope so because I'm not so great with keeping up the regular cleaning of the tank.

This is a picture of my littlest Moo. On Thursday evening she gleefully told me that she had to go to school as a pirate for the last day of school - don't you love those last minute school requests! So we had a bit of a scramble for a costume. Being in a female only house we don't own a great deal of pirate paraphernalia. I put together a very dodgy eye patch late in the evening made out denim and gingham and teamed it with a Canteen scarf, striped red top and a denim pinny. Her big sister even made her a sword (after much confusion between the difference of a "saw" and a "sword". Yes she nearly went to school as the handy man pirate). Well we made it with just minutes to spare before before boarding the bus. The eye patch and the sword have yet to be seen again.
The girls and I are off to the Sunshine Coast for a few days. My eldest is competing in a gymnastics comp and I have to say I am very pleased with the choice of venues as it is a lovely excuse to get away for a few days. There is plenty of sunshine today and it should be nice and warm for a swim - for the girls, I shall spare the world from the torture of my post winter body as it is far from a pretty sight.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What Little Mary Moo's Place Needs

This little guy is just what we need around here. Frank the Super is up for auction here as part of the Softies for Mirabel auctions. I hope he can come and live with us. I love a man who is fun and funky, not afraid to wear pink and all together cute and well just super. (I just hope he can fix my leaky tap, weed my garden, oil my verhanda and cook my diner too).
(Photo courtesy of ebay listing)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wee Ones

These wee ones are about to find a home in my etsy shop. I have to say I am liking Japanese fabric more and more. I love the sweet characters, the feel of the cotton and how the fabric can hold its structure. I was lucky enough to buy this fabric from Tokyo Mommy. What a lovely little etsy shop and such a pleasure to shop with.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today I.....

Turned this.....

Into this. Yep, it was time for another one. I have sold my last two in my little etsy shop, so it was time to add another. I hope this one too finds a happy home.

Brisbane Vintage Fun

Last school holidays Mum & I took the girls to the Tramway Museum at Ferny Grove. Anyone looking for a fun trip down Brisbane's history, this place is for you.
The craftmenship and talent that has been put into restoring the trams is absolutely amazing. They are so beautiful and such a lovely way to show the girls a bit of the way life use to be. My Mum grew up in Brisbane so she thoroughly enjoyed telling the girls about all the things her and her seven brothers and sisters would get up to on the trams (some tales just a wee bit naughty).
The men that gave the tours on the trams were so knowlegable and passionate. You can't but help be a little infected by their love for what they do. We got to ride on all the trams they had there in working condition and were given a very interesting history about the tram's "life". We ended up hopping on and off the different trams for two hours!
The Tramway Museum is at Ferny Grove and is open from 12 - 4pm every Sunday. We had such a lovely time but I can only imagine how excited families with little boys who are bits of train buffs would be.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So Much Good Stuff!

So much has been happening of late that I have neglected this poor little blog, I shall have to try and amend my ways.

I have had the great pleasure of shopping with the new Kelani Fabrics. What a lovely range of fabrics and such fantastic personal service. I can not speak highly enough of this store. I have my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well and this store is the success it truly deserves to be.

I have also purchased and received three fantastic dolls from 13mimosa. Here are the "girls" bellow:

They are so very lovely and everything a doll should be. This is the Christmas present I am going to give my girls this year. I have had to send the dolls to my Mum's house just so I'm not tempted to give them to them before December the 25th. I'm so excited about giving the girls these dolls, I can't wait. I almost would love one for myself. Yet another tale of wonderful personalised service that blew me away.

I have also had the pleasure of joining the BrisStyle Etsy Street Team. I am very much in awe of the talent that exists with the members. I received such a kind and warm welcome too! Thank you to you all.

I have also been sewing like mad in an effort to neglect the much needed task of weeding my garden, especially after the rain and the weather warming up. I have to say though that I am enjoying very much the warmer weather. I love the simple pleasure of wearing bare feet on the polished timber floors again mmmmm....

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