Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So Much Good Stuff!

So much has been happening of late that I have neglected this poor little blog, I shall have to try and amend my ways.

I have had the great pleasure of shopping with the new Kelani Fabrics. What a lovely range of fabrics and such fantastic personal service. I can not speak highly enough of this store. I have my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well and this store is the success it truly deserves to be.

I have also purchased and received three fantastic dolls from 13mimosa. Here are the "girls" bellow:

They are so very lovely and everything a doll should be. This is the Christmas present I am going to give my girls this year. I have had to send the dolls to my Mum's house just so I'm not tempted to give them to them before December the 25th. I'm so excited about giving the girls these dolls, I can't wait. I almost would love one for myself. Yet another tale of wonderful personalised service that blew me away.

I have also had the pleasure of joining the BrisStyle Etsy Street Team. I am very much in awe of the talent that exists with the members. I received such a kind and warm welcome too! Thank you to you all.

I have also been sewing like mad in an effort to neglect the much needed task of weeding my garden, especially after the rain and the weather warming up. I have to say though that I am enjoying very much the warmer weather. I love the simple pleasure of wearing bare feet on the polished timber floors again mmmmm....


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