Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Bit of Time

I seem to live in a time warp. So much to do but so little time but this afternoon the girls and I have been blessed with an afternoon free. Total and utter bliss. Time to play and sew and heat up the oven for a herb and chilli lamb roast (yum!) with crispy roast potatoes.

I had the time to work on the little bag above a bit of a change in the design of my current market tote. Not quite as big as I would like but still big enough to pop in a loaf of bread and a few esentials. I love how the red daisy fabric goes with the calico and denim. The denim at the bottom is nice and sturdy and should stop the bottom of the bag from looking gruby too quick. I shall be placing it in my etsy store in the not to distant future.

We also had fairy bread for afternoon tea mmmm. The only problem is I now have and thousands everywhere. Even in between the keys on the laptop, which is makes typing this post rather difficult.

Lucky us, Frank the Super from the Mirabel Auctions is coming to our house to live. We are all waiting keenly for our favourite Australia Post van to deliver him.


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