Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brisbane Vintage Fun

Last school holidays Mum & I took the girls to the Tramway Museum at Ferny Grove. Anyone looking for a fun trip down Brisbane's history, this place is for you.
The craftmenship and talent that has been put into restoring the trams is absolutely amazing. They are so beautiful and such a lovely way to show the girls a bit of the way life use to be. My Mum grew up in Brisbane so she thoroughly enjoyed telling the girls about all the things her and her seven brothers and sisters would get up to on the trams (some tales just a wee bit naughty).
The men that gave the tours on the trams were so knowlegable and passionate. You can't but help be a little infected by their love for what they do. We got to ride on all the trams they had there in working condition and were given a very interesting history about the tram's "life". We ended up hopping on and off the different trams for two hours!
The Tramway Museum is at Ferny Grove and is open from 12 - 4pm every Sunday. We had such a lovely time but I can only imagine how excited families with little boys who are bits of train buffs would be.


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