Monday, August 10, 2009

Lovely Weekend

All weekends should be as lovely as the one I just had.  I was lucky enough on Saturday to catch up with the wonderful group of girls for BrisStyle for a meet up.  It was lovely to meet some new faces and to get together for lots of crafty talk.  At one stage the room was just humming. 

Amanda from Twinkle Star Art also brought along a present I had purchased from her for Miss Tayla for her upcoming birthday.  The print is currently hiding at my Mum's place as I have a few sticky beaks who might spy it before the big day.  It is just beautiful.  

We were lucky enough to go around to the wonderful Funky Fabrix store after lunch.  What an amazing range of fabrics.  I picked up some new ones to add to my currently depleted stash.  All of the ones below except the pippijoe black and white print I purchased from Funky Fabrix.  

Then Saturday night it was off to Tara Thai in the Valley with the girls from work for a very yummy dinner with much laughter and just a few drinks.  

On Sunday morning I headed off to the Boutique Markets at Portside to partake in a grand amount of handmade loveliness.    It was the first time I had managed to take a peek at this wonderful market.  I had so much fun chatting to many of the BrisStyle girls and Thea from Thea & Sami.

This is the very fun shirt I brought from Thea for Miss Cait.  It is so soft and the print is so cute.  I just hope that she shares with me.  

A friend's daughter has just turned 16.  I wanted to get her something little but special also.  It a world that is so gadget orientated it is not always easy to find a gift that fits that bill.  But Little Jane St had the perfect gift that I had been looking for.  This little paper garland is made out of recycled story book paper. Now I'm pretty sure this lovely 16 year old doesn't have one of these.  


Sandrine said...

lovely finds...I am sure it will be the perfect gift for a 16 year old!Nice to hear Saturday was great;)

Hot Fudge said...

What a wonderful weekend. I am sorry that I missed the meetup on Saturday - it must have been such fun. I love the goodies you picked up at the market on Sunday and I must check it out for myself.

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