Friday, March 6, 2009

Peace and Happiness

Are you too looking for some peace and happiness in your life.  Take yourself for a peek at Hey Harriet's  TtV (through the view finder) photos in her wonderful etsy shop.  Just amazing. There has been some very recent additions of some fab seagulls that are sure to give you a giggle and take you to sitting on the beach with hot chips burning your lap.  Wish I was there.  I brought the two above photos just before I moved and I adore them.  Hey Harriet explains the whole TtV business better than I ever could so I leave it to you to read. 

Peace and Happiness are two things that seem a little far off for now.  Not enough hours in the day and all that crapola.  Then again compared to many in the world my life is full of peace and happiness.  Just wish my bones didn't ache with the tiredness off it all.  Maybe if I wasn't so stupid and do stupid things like put my coffee cup three quarters full on the uneven part of the lounge I wouldn't have quite as much work to do.  Oh well the stain will probably just blend in to all the others to get the lived in look - right?  


Bec said...

Oooh I love your choices. Tracy really captures the essence of things in her photography doesn't she! Glad to hear you are all moved in now - hopefully things will start to slow down a bit now so you get a bit of time to stop and smell the roses...I know...probably not a good idea to hold your breath (I've been saying the same thing to myself for a while now :P)

Hey Harriet said...

Thanks so much for featuring those photos and for the lovely plug. You're so sweet to do that! I'm just happy that you like them. I do hope you find much peace & happiness in this crazy muddled up world. I think sometimes it eludes us because we are looking too hard to find it. And it sneaks up on us but we can so easily miss it because we're so caught up in the chase. Often it is right there with us and we notice when we slow down a little. Not always easy ;)

Oh coffee! That brings me much peace & happiness! Quickly shattered when I spill it. So you're not the only one :D

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