Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back on Board

So the best thing about moving has to be the plethora of large boxes to play in doesn't it!  The park around the corner has a huge grassy hill that the girls have been begging to slide down on the flattened boxes.  Well that sure is one good way to reuse and recycle.   

All moved, done and dusted.  I still have about 10 boxes left to organise and a very messy garage but I am nearly sorted.  Most importantly the fabric stash has been given a brand new home.  I can't wait to sit and sew and look after my neglected etsy shop again.  I really miss it now.  

Looking for something fun to do?  Head on over the fab BrisStyle blog for a wonderful giveaway.  


Em said...

Yay welcome to your new home, would love to see your new "workshop"

Hey Harriet said...

That's a cute photo! Little 'jack in boxes' ...or maybe 'jill in boxes' would suit better. I like the idea of sliding down a grassy hill on flattened boxes!

Glad to hear that you've settled in your new place. It always takes a while to unpack everything. I still have a few boxes I've still to unpack from when I moved house. I moved 2 years ago...

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