Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Heart Saturdays

Saturdays are for curling up on the floor when you are so tired from the week and having a lovely nap with the sun streaming in through the window.  Poor Little Moo was too tired to even make it to her bed this afternoon.  (excuse the blurry image but you never want to wake a sleeping child)

I also have had lots and lots of fun playing with the wonderful Birch fabric by Lara Cameron.  It has been so lovely to see the success of Lara and the girls at Ink and Spindle.  We really are so lucky in Australia to have such talented textile designers.  

I love the deep red in the screen print and how it co-ordinates with the black/gray denim.  It has been at least six weeks since I have sewn a bag and this was such a lovely way to get back into it.  I'm still trying to find a place that I like to take my photos in my new house.  I have to say that I am struggling with this some what and I am not altogether happy with the light.  I'm sure I'll work it out in time.  But for now this bag has taken up home in my etsy shop.

My sister's 40th Birthday is just around the corner.  I was really struggling with something to get her that she didn't have and that she might use and enjoy.  I ordered her some of these lovely Moo Postcards last week.  They have her address on the back for when she sends them out.  I love all these prints and I hope she is happy with them.  There is nothing more exciting then opening the mail box to see something just for you (that isn't a bill!).  These prints are so sweet and I'm sure she will go on to make her friends and family very happy when she sends them off.   


Hey Harriet said...

Too much bouncing around on the trampoline? Your new bag is lovely! The moo cards are cute. I didn't know they sold postcards. I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I hear you when you talk about adequate light for photographing your bags. I live in a rainforest! Not much sun on my place, which means that Maisie dolls are often photographed in the evening with terrible artificial light or on Saturday mornings when I am not at work - given that it is not too overcast!!!!

The moo cards are devine. I would be thrilled to receive them in the mail.

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