Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Musings

The weeks roll around so fast. The girls have had a sleepover at Nanny & Pops for the first time in forever, which has allowed me to spend some quality time at the sewing machine. I have to say though that it is a little lonely sewing all on my own. I kind of miss the dive the girls make for the scraps and the interuptions to sew a seam here and a seam there to make their much loved cloth dolls an endless stream of clothes. Their imaginations amaze me with the designs and colour combinations they choose. To look at them I often think that there is no way they can work together but somehow in the girl's uninhibited way they make it work. It is lovely seeing them get excited about colour, texture and design. I just hope that they are able to keep their creativeness into adulthood and the pressures of conformity don't dull their drive to make and explore through trial and error.
So all on my own I managed to make a sling bag made with a beautiful green background and white flowers, which I then lined with a pink gingham. It turned out very bright and cheery. I also made a small purse to match. I also made my eldest daughter a new bag for gymnastics. It is a very simple drawstring type bag made out of calico but it turned out very funky. I used a heat bond iron on adhesive and cut out in red gingham "I heart gym" which I then placed on the front. I hope she likes it when she gets home. I always seem to worry more about what the girls think than anyone else. I shall post some photos with my next blog post.
We're off up to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow to our favourite beach - Kings Beach. I can't wait. I just hope the rain holds off long enough to get some decent walks in and some exploring in the rock pools.


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