Thursday, July 24, 2008

Messenger For Mary

This sweet little cat purse has a home currently in my etsy store. Pippijoe's fabric is much to lovely to be relegated to the scrap bag, so I fused a cut out of one of her designs onto a denim purse.
This purse makes me giggle a little as last weekend at my Mum's there was a rather large cat stuck up a tall gum tree that the fire brigade couldn't rescue so the RSPCA had to come and get it down. The poor love. Every time I look at the print it reminds me of it. Why do cats do crazy
things like that?

Above is a picture of the latest bag I have made. It is a very simple denim messenger bag, but with the delightful Pippijoe orchard fabric on the flap it came up a treat. The off white of the flap with the rich red ink on the denim looks so lovely. I liked it so much I was a little naughty and made one for myself.


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