Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lovely Finds

I had the most wonderful pleasure of attending The Hearts for Africa fabric sale at Greg Hayes Upholstery on the weekend. Wow, there were some of the most beautiful fabric, many pieces for just 40c. The girls, my Mum and I had a fantastic time. I have now been able to add a whole 90 litre container full of fabric to my stash. Some of the finds were unbelievable, I even managed to snag the end of a roll with 2m left of lovely Osborne & Little fabric for only $5. The girls loved going through the 40c pieces (some were up to 2m in length and still full width!) and selecting some very vibrant colours and textures to make clothes for their dolls.

But I have to say that the best parts of the sale were the lovely ladies that volunteered at the sale and the fact that the proceeds of the sale go towards The Hearts of Africa charity that helps fight poverty in Tanzania. It was such a lovely treat to go fabric shopping like that. Now I just have the hard job of deciding what to do with it all! My head is certainly swimming.


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