Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simple Lessons

(image from here)

There is so much about this to love and so much in it that I need to aspire to.  Feeling a little lost with the lack of crafting in my life for a little while but this is just what I needed to read to brighten my day.  Happy day to all the crafty blogging community!


Sandrine said...

That a very inspirational little post;)I hope you feel better soon!!You definately need a little craft therapy by the sound of this post;)

Thea said...

I hope you are okay. We've missed you. These are lovely lessons.

Hot Fudge said...

I think the weather has a lot to answer for - it's quite depressing right now. I love your creations and hope to catch up with you at the BrisStyle Markets.

Bec said...

This is lovely Therese. So much truth in this - thank-you for sharing. Hope you are having a happy day today :)
XX Bec

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