Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Bits and Bobs

Well not long now till the big day. Looking for a lovely lot of hand made pressies? Looking for a huge stash of presents to suit all your loved ones? Oh and the best bit all for free? Then head on over to the wonderful blog Fat Mum Slim and enter her huge give away. But be quick entries close on the 20th December.

Blog posts have been a little slow due to almost drowning under wrapping paper and all the other preps that go on before the big day. So to help with all wrapping and so forth we have had to enlist the assistance of a boy at Little Mary Moo's Place. He's very sweet, always happy, very helpful in the present department, clean and gratefully eats his meals. Being a girl only home its been nice to have a little variety but there are only two problems, one he is just a little slimy and two I have to give him back in a week. So take a little look at the cute boy and his helpful antics:


jenny said...
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corinne said...


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jenny said...

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