Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lovely Break

Why is it that holidays always have to go so fast? The girls and I have just gotten back from the most lovely week down the coast at Burleigh Heads. So much fun to be had. Walking, swimming, more swimming, markets, parks, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, loads of fish and chips and many, many ice creams.

Cait and Moo exploring the rock pools. Hours of fun.

Some members of the family, namely Cait chose to be adventurous holiday activities climbing up on the high ropes course with the birds at Currumbin. It was such a pity that I didn't wear closed in shoes to join in the joy of being harnessed in meters above the ground.

I on the other hand was content to join in this lot in lots of laziness.

Look, we even got a sneak look at her babe.

On another pretty interesting handmade note, Burleigh had quite a few lovely shops selling handmade wears. What a treat. The girls are so funny to take shopping now and can pick handmade a mile off and make sure everyone in the shop knew that they had seen things for sale on etsy or that they were handmade. My favorite shops were Raggedy Anne and Love From Lucy.


Ali said...

Lovely holidays with your girls :)
and that bubby koala is so sweet!
Ali :)

Hot Fudge said...

What a lovely break you had - makes you want to stay away forever, doesn't it? Fish, chips and ice cream ... mmmmmm ...

REread said...

hey ... you won the toolshed brooch !!! email me a postal address and I'll pop it in the mail for you ... mantahay@yahoo.com.au

Kitty Boo Boo said...

Hey seems like you're a winner all around! You won the clips from my giveaway too! ditto on the e-mail with your address! ... kittybooboois (at) hotmail (dot) com

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