Saturday, November 1, 2008


Tomorrow the girls and I are going to Wet and Wild on the Gold Coast. Now to be truthful, I don't mind a little bit of water slide action. The weather is suppose to be hot and fine. I'm sure I'll find myself a nice tyre tube to float around in and soak up some sun.

There is just one bit of a problem. My eldest, Cait who is ten wants me to got on the new Kamikaze ride with her. I am desperately trying to come up with excuses why this is a very bad idea. Yes, I am a true sooky la la when it comes to rides that have "extreme" written in front of them. Just the name of the ride makes me want to wet my pants sitting in my lounge room. Its alright for Cait for she's a gymnast and has the whole body flying through the air, crazy stunt, fear thing all capered. I on the other hand definitely do not. Fear is not something I really need to experience in my life at the present moment.
I have also brought myself a bikini for the first time for this trip. I'm in my 30's and have never owned one. I quite don't know why after three children and the profile of an ironing board I though this would be a great idea. I also brought myself a nice pair of board shorts and a swimming top to go over them. More sooky la la action there too, I know.
We should have lots of fun and hopefully all come home in one piece.


Bec said...

Goodness, we sound like the same person. I'm also a big sooky la la when it comes to crazy rides. Always have been! And I would also be eligible for the 30 something ironing board profile mum club as well :P
Hope you had a lovely time - it was wonderful weather for it!

Little Mary Moo said...

We had a great time and I managed to get out of any extreem ride participation.

Black Eyed Susie said...

Good on you for getting a bikini. I had a small bikini wearing window between about 30 and 33. Have decided it may be too late now!

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