Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Tale of the Bobbin Thief

Everyone has one don't they? A member of the family that adores an item so much that he or she will go to extreme lengths to get their hands or in this case paws on it. Oscar aka "the boss" is my two year old moggy special from the RSPCA. He runs the show in our house but of late has found that bobbins make excellent cat toys.
Oscar had waited patiently watching me sit and sew, all a while pretending to be sleeping. Then I made the mistake of leaving one lonely little empty bobbin sitting all by itself on the chair. Oscar of course was overcome and had to leap onto the chair to rescue it from the impending doom of being forced into that noisy machine. Oscar now has a consuming bobbin addiction. The crazy cat adores them. He bats them around the floor with great gusto of a miniture lion stalking its prey (instead it really is a suburban moggy looking more than a little silly). After great excitement and courage he will catch the wayward bobbin and stalk smugly with it in his mouth until of course it breaks under his unbelievable strength. The girls and I have spent many a happy moment watching him play. I now have to make sure all bobbins are secured and put away as he has also has a liking to those full of thread.
So boys and girls lock up your bobbins for Oscar is on the loose.

Oscar garding the sewing machine and all bobbins.


Bec said...

he he that's so funny!!!! My bobbin stealer is a two year old girl. She thinks it's great fun to grab the end of the cotton then watch the bobbin roll away.....

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