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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Why do weekends go so fast? Lots of crafting at home and a few little trips out and about. On Saturday I took myself up to the little Lifeline Bookfest at Caboolture to grab some more Golden Books for some projects for the upcoming BrisStyle Mother and Child Markets. Some lovely finds amongst the very full tables.

Sunday morning started of with a very steamy, foggy outlook. This was the picture from my back door. Which left me plenty of time to laze around before heading into the city for the Suitcase Rummage Sale in King George Square.

The day fined up beautifully and was lovely for us shoppers but the poor Suitcase sellers that had the sunny spots in King George Square were slowly melting. There was a great mix of vintage and handmade on offer. I pulled all the muscles in my hip during the week which made the whole bending down and rummaging a little difficult but it was still heaps of fun.

I met the lovely Holly from Pannikin. Her suitcase was full of so much lovely handmade goodness. I was able to get some of the cutest badges ever from Holly to add to Cait's collection. I was also trying to be very good and not spend much money (due to this debacle) but a dress handmade from vintage fabric nearly got the better of me. Lucky for my hip pocket the dress was gone by the time I made my mind up. Below are a few snaps of the day.

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